How To Write Bold, Strikethrough & Italic On YouTube Comments Quickly | Step-By-Step Tutorial In 2021

Today I’m going to share with you How To Write Bold, Strikethrough & Italic On YouTube Comments Quickly with Step-By-Step Tutorial In 2021 for beginner’s.


Sometimes you need for stand out your comments content on YouTube for that. As you can see, This is bold strike through, and you can see over italic.

So for that what you have to do, I am going to share with you the shortcuts of this bold.

As you can see Bowl, And you can type as anything into in between this Asterisks.

Let’s suppose I say hello, you. And if I copy this one and paste it to my let’s suppose I’m going to reply this one.

And I just pasted over here and hit live. So you can see it will automatically this word.

Hello into bold if you want to a strike. So what you have to do just copy this one strike and put up anything in between in between that You can type anything in between.

Let’s suppose I say, Hello, I am Well, let’s suppose I say like this, and I just click on this.

You can see this automatically strike through my texts. And the third one, which I say it, welcome.

So what you have to do just copy or type. Let’s suppose I will say something another thing over here, and you can type Or edit anything between the underscore left.

And right in between. Let’s suppose I say, are welcome.

And just I apply. Now you can see this text has been in italic.

So, like that, you can write any your of content on YouTube bold strike through and make it italic and make it something that stand out your comments on YouTube.

Now, this way you can stand out your content and highlight into the comment section. I hope this video will help you.

Thank you.


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