How To Upload & Create Video Pins On Pinterest

If you’re someone who is looking for how to upload & create video pins on Pinterest, then this article & video is for you, Make sure watch this video till the end.

Let me show you my Pinterest board.

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So before that, I just create a video into the camera, just login into your canvas account is free. Just go to the Pinterest type over here, just Pinterest, And you will see the pin.

And there are two types of pin you have seen over here. One is free, and one is paid Right now. We are going to make our pain free.

So just select the pin on the left side and filter it. So let’s suppose I just select a randomly video from over here so that it will take as an example.

So let’s suppose I take this one And won’t. You can change it as per your Niche industry or business.

But right now, I’m not changing anything, Except just I just download the video and show you how you can upload onto your Pinterest board. So here you can see I just before that.

I just run the video so that you can see This is a this is a very great in professional view in the Pinterest.

See that this type of video. So it almost, I think, 45 second, You can either you can make them more creative professional and changes all these things.

So let’s suppose I just directly download it and show you how you can upload into your Pinterest in.

This can just I download, and I just open to my Pinterest account. Just give you some example.

This is just for your example. You can do as per your Niche.

So let’s suppose I say into a new board, and I create a new board over here, This one pretty new board for demo for demo.

And I would be like to post this video, which I have just downloaded from the Pinterest, And I will like to upload here. Just go to the pin and select the video where you have downloaded.

In my case, I have already downloaded our video.

As you can see. This is the old one. But I show you.

This may be also Just upload here and type mistakes that you don’t do that, let suppose I create this one, and I have typed five steps I have already discussed, and just a published on this.

So now it will automatically publish on this. I have already created a video.

Let me show you where I have created a video in my Niche.

I just create a video that finally stick that can hurt your SEO ranking.

This is a very short video. This video I had created and uploaded into my Pinterest board seat, As you can see, is a very short video, As you can also make your videos more creative, more professionals.

Now, this case, I just share with you how to upload a video onto a Pinterest.

I hope this will help you, and now you can make as much as you’d use creative and professionals and grow your business.

I hope this very quick and easy tutorial on How To Upload & Create Video Pins On Pinterest helpful for you.