How To Tag Mentions Someone On Youtube Channel Quickly | Beginners Tutorial In 2021

Do you want to know how to tag someone on YouTube and mention channel name?

So for that, you have to be watch this video till the end.


And now you have to be logging in to your YouTube studio.

In this case, I have already logged in. So let’s suppose I will go to the content section of the video.

And let’s suppose I will take one of this video, for example.

And I can mention anyone, another YouTuber Channel name or my own. It’s up to you.

There are two options.

Either You can go in the title section, You can mention over here also, or you can mention in your description content Part also, or there is a third option At the time of uploading the video you can mention over there also.

But right now, in this case, I am going to mention in my description part.

So how I can do it for that?

Let’s suppose I will add here, one of My channel mention name.

Let’s suppose that name is decornxt.

So let’s suppose I say this one channel at the rate mention over here.

Now I what I will do. I will just save this video.

Now We will see, Is it?

This video has change.

Now we will view on the YouTube, and now we will see Now we just scroll down and see the description part.

Click on That. And see, As you can see here, is I mentioned my another YouTube channel name.

If someone or if I just click on that, it’s a blue highlighted over this now – other channel will open like that.

You can mention any and tag someone on YouTube.

And in this way, you can promote your another Channel or someone as Channel and get more view.

I hope this video tutorial, I’ll help you. Thank you.


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