How To Share YouTube Playlist Quickly | Step-By-Step Tutorial In 2021

Today, I’m going to share with you how to share YouTube playlist, for that we have to be logging into your account.

And just on the left side. Just click on the playlist.

click on the playlist


So right now I just click on it. And as you can see, there is a playlist.

So, whatever playlist you want to share, just click on that. Let’s suppose.

I would like to share this playlist. So there are two options.

You can use either one. I just click on this, watch on YouTube.

watch on YouTube

It will play and opened into a new tab. I just copy the entire playlist from here.

This is the one method and the second method is I have to just click on to this pencil icon.

click pencil icon

I did in YouTube. Now it will open into the another Tab, and I will just click on this Arrow share button.

Arrow share button

This is option watch on YouTube now. I just click on that and it will open a list here.

I just copy and share and now i can shared anywhere i would like, I want to share.

copy and share playlist

So, like, in this way, you can share it, your playlist or somebody asked a list in YouTube

I hope this like, thank you.


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