How To Make Money From Canva 100% FREE In 2021 | Freelancing For Beginners

Do you want to extra passive income online using canva 100% FREE, with no experience with no tech skills, then this article and video is for you.

Bellow i share with you list of freelance websites, where you can just post designs and stuff and make money , so make sure read this article with video tutorial step by step.

DISCLAIMER: This post, page description may include affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of them, I will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). I only ever recommend products that I have personally used and benefitted from personally.

For this who are new here and don’t know what is canva, i give brief introduction of canva bellow.

What Is Canva?

Canva is an online powerful online app, where you can and anyone can make creative beautiful designs for your projects, it can be your own blog, books, and social media or you can do for your client with your team.

This is very useful and handy tool where you drag-and-drop feature and layouts to design, share and logos, print business cards, business and marketing products, presentations and so on.

I might share with you my own designs so that you will let me show you where I use my design.

designs of my books in Canva

But I’ll show you all my designs that I use for my clients, for my blogs and make a passive income. And as you can see right now, all designs of my books I make in Canva from scratch.

So like that you can make design creative, beautiful designs and make money.

Let me show my blog also where I use all these banners, all these graphic designs absolutely free and you can also take the advantage like this.

As you can see, there are tons of tons, hundreds of designs I make for me and for my clients like this and I sell many of them for my clients.

Also, let me show first where I use for my own website, blogs and marketing purposes.

As you can see, this is my Amazon profile where I have make more than hundreds of books.

my Amazon books profile

If you are someone who don’t like to read content, then you can watch my YouTube video tutorial step by step guide, by clicking bellow link.


So let me share with you the website where you can make designs and post there and make passive income.

1. Simplyhired

This is first website. As you can see, you can just type over. Let’s suppose you want logo design and just fine.

Simplyhired job opportunities website

You get millions, hundreds, thousands of times work you can apply, you can get these are the revenues or whatever they are giving ads per the projects.

2. People Per Hour

This is second website is people per hour.

You can go on this website. Also see how the people are making money by doing freelancing and any work.

people per hour freelancing community

Let’s suppose here you want to do some graphic design, anything you would be like to make over here.

Graphic design, anything, anything. When I’m saying anything that means anything, your imagination and you can do it.

3. Upwork

Let me show another website Upwork here.

Upwork freelancers work

Also you can post your camera designs in different categories in different niche browser templates, ecommerce, mobile app, whatever you want and make a passive income.

4. Dribble

Another website I’m going to share you Dribble.

This is also another website where people are posting and people are doing finance work with different categories and niche and making the passive income.

dribbble community and jobs

This is also a website where you can go and get the graphic designers writers all these things.

5. Designhill

Next website Designhill.

You can see you can explore by the category. Let’s call logo design.

Designhill businesses creative marketplace

Go to here and see how the people are making passive income by just creating designs in Canva and posting here and getting orders and making a passive income online.

6. Toptal

Let me show now another website name Toptal.

Freelance toptal projects

This is also a website you can explore and use your Canva designs over here.

7. We Work Remotely

Next website weworkremotely. This is also another freelance website.

we work remotely list incredible remote jobs

Let’s see people start digging and posting freelance work. You can get out and explore these things.

8. Guru

Next is guru. You can see graphic design data and logo design WordPress whatever you want.

You can get it over here.

Guru best Expert Freelancers platform

You can go as per the categories. Also here also people posting the file and you get the design. Post your skills whatever you make Designing canva.

9. Freelancer

Next website freelancer.

freelancer job online

This is another website where you can make logo design $30 under one day.

Serious people are just making $30 in just one day like that you can get many designs.

Many these are the people who are making you want to make some Tshirt design logo creators and see the people are making money.

Also they are posting and they are making their price.

You can see their quotation you can see over here.

10. Design Crowd

Next website DesignCrowd, this is also a place I have also booked many times for this platform and make a good passive income as you can see and also you can make anything.

designcrowd custom marketplace freelance career

Logo design graphic design Web design firm Graphic Design Tshirt design whatever you want you can make it into the designs and post it over here and make a passive income.

11. 99Designs

Another website 99 designs, this is also very fantastic website in this platform.

99designs design service entrepreneurs

Also I have worked many years and make a passive income. As you can see you can get into any category and make design.

12. FlexJobs

Next is Flexjobs, this is another website.

flexjobs work from home job opportunities

You can go and post your designs which you can make and Canva just within few minutes.

13. Envato Studio

Another one studio Envato website.

envato community of designers developers creatives project

14. Coroflot

Corofolt this is also a website where you get many projects like 3D modeling Studios, event designs, product design, industrial design.

coroflot Freelance Design platform

You get everything over here.

15. CrowdSpring

Crowdspring, free the next website where you can make designs within a few minutes and post over here for that what you have to do just go to your Canva and make your own designs and the design is very easily.

crowdspring freelance businesses agencies

You can create and display with them and you get the ideas from the other sides. Also. So all these sites which I will give in the description below you can go and check out all these sites.

I hope you lile freelance website lists, where you can go and register as free and start freelancing projects using canva design and make passive income.


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