How To Make A Youtube Playlist Private Quickly | Tutorial In 2021

Want to know How To Make YouTube playlist private?

So right now, this video is for you.


So make sure watch this till the end for that, What you have to do, Just you have to login into your YouTube studio so that you can make it your any playlist private.

The reason can be anything. It depends from person to person and the reason from one person to another.

So for that, what we have to do, just as you can see, I have already logged into my dashboard, Click into my studio On the left side.

You can see there is a playlist.

Now you can do private playlist you want.

So let’s suppose I would be like to take this one as an example.

Now, what I have to just click on this pencil icon, as you can see over here, add it in YouTube.

So this will open into a new tab. And now you can see in the below, there is an option when you Click on this drop-down Arrow, as you see public and private.

So right now, this pay list is public. But now I will go to this one as in private.

Now, that’s it. Now again, I just go and refresh it again so that I will see this will public or private.

Now you can see this Playlist, which we I have just selected to and change into a private.

Now it will be automatically. You can see over here.

Now It is private, It will not show in YouTube publicly.

So right now, like this way, you can make it your any playlist Private.

I hope this tutorial helped you.

Thank you.


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