How To Leave Facebook Group

I hope you are doing well in this video tutorial. I’m going to share with you how to leave Facebook group.

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As we all know. Facebook groups are better at easy way to connect with like-minded people, and you can join any Facebook group, and you can leave any Facebook group for that. We have to we login into your account.

As you can see I have already logged in. So let’s suppose I would like to this group to leave this.

So how you can do it after that, you can just click on this either unfollow group if you don’t want to follow this group.

Now if you want to really leave this group permanently, or you can join in future also.

But right now, we just leave this group as you can just click on this leave group.

Now you can see this button is has been changed into this.

That means you have already leaved this group.

So, like that, you can leave any niche or topic group.

I hope this video tutorial helped you.

Thank you.


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