How To Group Elements In Canva In Just 2 Minutes For Beginners

If you’re using camera and you’re looking for How To Group Elements In Canva In Just 2 Minutes, so this video is really for For Beginners, so what you have to just type the the canva into your browser.

I already my existing account in canva, so what you have to if you don’t have to go and make account on canva, it’s free.

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Okay it’s free. As you can see i have all my design over here. You you can you can see there are thousands of designs., which i have make for my own nice blogs blog, for my social media, for my own amazon books.


And logos for me and for my client’s. So, let’s suppose you create a new design from the scratch. And we just go. Let’s suppose i take this one logo. And what are you doing.

We just put up some of these logo’s over here. Yeah. Let’s suppose i create this one. So how you can going this is elements option.

Let’s suppose i put some other elements. Any elements over here and you want to group them. You want to go scroll down. Sometimes we need group. So how you can do that. Well there it is.

You’re gonna go now this is a group. You have to select which one you want to group, select that element and shift press control key, in your desktop or laptop and click them.


Now this is a group, I hope you understand and you can drag it or play with it. Now go ahead it is very useful group elements in canva features.

If you want to see How To Group Elements In Canva In Just 2 Minutes For Beginners in video format, i make video on this, you can see my YouTube video bellow.


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Full disclosure, as an affiliate, I receive compensation if you make a purchase through these links; there’s no extra charge to you.

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