How To Delete Playlist On YouTube In 2021

Hello, friends, I hope you are doing well today. I’m going to share with you how to delete playlist on YouTube.


This is very super simple and easy. Just logging into your YouTube account. As you can see.

I have already login to my dashboard on the left side.

login to my youtube dashboard

As you can see, there is a play list over here.

There are many play list. You can create yourself for or you can save from other’s.

So? Right now, I have just this playlist for your example.

click on list

I would be like to delete this playlist or remove this playlist from my YouTube channel.

So, what I do, I just click on this pencil icon.

Now the play list will open into another tab. As you can see.

Now. There is a playlist, open to another tab.

this pencil icon

So what you have to do, just click on these three dots as you can see over here.

click three dots

Just click on this and delete the playlist, but make sure, once you delete the playlist, it will not recover or it will not undo.

delete the playlist

So be careful for that. Now, I will click on this delete now.

This playlist has been deleted from my list.

Now. I will go and refresh again.

Now, as you can see, this playlist has been deleted.

So like that, you can remove. I hope this short and to the point video tutorial on “How To Delete Playlist On YouTube” will help you.

Thank you.