How To Create A FREE WEBSITE Mobile Landing Page In Canva In Just 9 Minutes In 2021

Do you want to create your own professional free website landing page in Canva?

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Then this article with video tutorial is for you, at the end of this video tutorial, You will learn how to make any Niche or industry related business, mobile friendly site professional landing pages in just few minutes.

So make sure you watch this video and read this article till the end, as I consider you have already login into your account. So after login, this search over here, Mobile.

search and type here Mobile


There, you get a lot of variations.

But in this case, we are going to make this any page Mobile First website, click on that.

Mobile First website

As you can see after that, you get many designs, Some of them are paid, and some of them are free.

But in this case, we are going to make Free designs.

So you can even filter according to their themes, as you see on the left side or your Styles.

And they are other variations like your category, your industry You can choose from here.

So, like now making of a new design. So for that, I have taken this one as an example.

make Free canva designs

Now, what we do now, we close the previous one, and we are going to make this design from the scratch.

So we don’t need this. It just delete all these previous content. I have already saved content so that it will save your time.

I will just put him over here. You can put according to your style designs and patterns like that.

Let’s suppose I’ve to this one, and I don’t need the below one.

And now I just select and delete one. So in this case, I have My own photos, which I have uploaded on my canva. I will take from here at a photo this one.

This one. I take this one and previous one, just like select it and press delete.

So now what I do, I just rotate it so that it will appear full screen on the side Like this one, then drag it and just fill the page and just position it in the middle and the center.

Now, our this content is not visible.

So for that what we do, we take some allergies, drag it so that my texts will be no disappeared for my screen. It should be Properly visible.

design Properly visible

So like that, next thing I would like to take some elements like hello. So you can see on the left side.

There are many arrows, some are static, and some are animated. But in my case, I would be like to take animated Arrow because it will catch the attention of your audience.

So you can think any of these arrows. Well, many, many arrows. Let’s suppose I’m taking this one. This is too nice and more beautiful.

So just we will It down, because it is too large and put it over here like this. Now We will go to the second page.

There is a second page over here, as you can see here, but we don’t need this content. I have already see the content, So I will take it from this one so that it will save your time.

And I just paste it over here.

You do as per your niche, your business or use content. And I put this one also like that, but I don’t need this image.

So what I do with just a delete the image.

So here I would be like to put up my own eBook or more, which is ready to cap over weight loss and health fad Fitness Retreat.

So what should I do? I have already download a book, and you can go and make your own book.

I think this one, for example, And just I drag it and put some lower part of this so that it will goes to the center button So nicely. This is a look more professional.

So in the next section, what we do in the next slide, we are going to first of thing, you just Make a video watch video.

Let’s suppose I put this content, you can put any content you would like to put over here. So in this case, I don’t need this text and content. I will delete one by one.

Like this. I don’t need this content I would like to, and I would not like to do image.

So what I do is Select it and delete it. In this case, I take one of my own image, which I have saved. You can do any any image you would like.

So I put this image and drag it up to the whole window of mine Listen area and I bring it backwards so that it will go back.

And my old content appear in front like this one. Now we have to put the 1 video over here.

So what we do, let suppose I will open my own Channel and take some of the videos over here.

You can take your videos as per your topic, Niche or industry. Here I am just taking example of my video.

videos as per your topic

Let’s suppose I will take this one, Give you just like copy the link address and go to again.

My canva here, One embed option here, as you see can This one.

So I just pasted over here and add to design. It will automatically add my video from my YouTube.

As you can see over here, This will automatically attach All the companies, all the designs from my YouTube channel.

So you can put your design, and you make as per your topic.

Now We have to take this one. Also, Yeah, here. Also, you want some. And we put some elements, go to the here and click and take that.

Suppose I take this one, but it is so large We will put it Something.

And now let’s suppose I take the example of the another video.

I take it this one copy link address, I will go again here. And I am with this video for my YouTube and put over here and click add to design.

It will automatically come over here. It is applicable.

Also, if you see, if somebody is click on that, somebody’s watch, it is automatically run the window over here. I will show you again.

We in position is Center.

So now, if you want more more pages you can click over here, add the mold base, late-night, suppose I will create some add pages.

I can do it. But right now we I am not going to take, because that will be will be so much long. I will delete it.

So this is our design has been made. So we would be like to see how it is.

Then we will go here on the publish as website. Click on this.

The result drop-down menu come. It will ask you a web Styles is one classical falling and presentation.

In our case, We are going to take single piece side with Parallax effect this one. And now

we will open the website. No, this is completely a landing page We have just created into our camera design.

Look, This is a beautiful professional landing page as we just now created on this.

So go and make your own landing pages like this.

If somebody’s click on that video will be done, As you can see, as you can see over here.

So, so, according to your Niche, you can be content images and beautiful landing pages.

beautiful landing pages

And you can share with your professional groups, your colleagues, your office employees or whatever you want to do. So, go and take action.

So this is a very quick and easy tutorial on How To Create A Free Website Mobile Landing Page In Canva for you.