How To Change Youtube Channel URL Quickly | Beginners Tutorial In 2021 UPDATED

Hello friends. Today I am going to share with you DIY how to change YouTube channel Url, now you can change any YouTube url link, which you have own.


It doesn’t matter what niche or topic you have.

So Let’s suppose I am already on to my youtube studio login, as you can see over here.

So for to change the YouTube custom link url, you have to go for the in the last section of this customization.

This is one of my another Channel just for the practice point of view.

Now you have to go on the basic info and just scroll down.

And you can see over here, I have already customized my URL.

So if you have already done various, you can’t change.

Yes, there is option for that, now edit. You have to delete the previous one.

Let’s suppose In this case, I will just delete this one.

Now, it will open into a new tab, and it will ask you, if you want to delete it or not.

So for that, what I have to do, I just click on this about custom URL section over here.

Now, click on that, and it will ask you anyone who can see this like that.

They just give you a message over here. So right now, if you want to remove now, you can remove it.

Let’s suppose I will remove it. Now I remove this Now my custom URL has been completely removed.

Now, close it. And now I again, refresh this one.

So you can see the custom URL, which I have defined, and which I have already set over to my YouTube channel.

Now it has been gone away.

So now how you can make it the another one for that, Again, You have to go the same place and set a custom URL for your Channel.

You can see there is an option or here as just I highlight this one.

So now you have to just click over here. Now, as you can see, this is already my custom URL.

I hope this short, quick and easy How To Change Youtube Channel URL Quickly for Beginners Tutorial In 2021 [UPDATED] tips, will help you.

So, like, in this way, you can share it, your playlist or somebody asked a list in YouTube

I hope this like, thank you.


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