How To Change YouTube Channel Banner Cover Photo Quickly Step-By-Step Tutorial In 2021

I’m going to share with you How To Change YouTube Channel Banner, for your any niche or business related.

You have to login into your account. Like, as you can see, I have already login. Now, on the left side.

There is an option. You can see over here, customization.


Now, you have to click on that. After that. There is a three options over here, layout branding and basic info for that.

We have to just click on this second one brand.

Being now, as you can see, here is a channel Banner right now, which is already, I have uploaded to my channel, but I will change it and show you how you can change in. Easily for that.

You have to login into your canva. It’s a free tool. Let’s suppose I will go to here and type YouTube channel art. So here you will see.

Now you can see there are lot of designs come and we are going to make a channel art for YouTube for that.

We have just scroll down a little bit and just select a free option over here.

Now, what we have to do, let’s suppose, I will take any one of these. Just for example, let me take it, this one.

Now what we have to do, let’s suppose I change something. Something changes it which or you can directly download, and upload.

It’s up to you. You can change the color, you can make the graphics.

So let’s suppose. I will type something and I will type my name.

Okay, so like this.

I will learn and grow, like, stick like this. So now I will take this.

Download this one and download this image for my YouTube channel, art not will download it. Now. We will see where it downloaded.

It is downloaded into my download section here.

Now again, go to my channel and now in this case, I will remove this one and upload, again, a new channel art, which we have just created right now, this one, this is just, for example, on like this, you can set your desktop.

It works on all devices or as Computer, Laptop, PC Or TV. Now just click on this done button.

And after that, you just, you have to publish it.

Now, it will change your channel art. Let me show you also.

We just see, is it change or not?

As you can see this channel art of my YouTube has been changed in this way.

You can make your own YouTube Banner for your channel.

I hope this very quick and easy tutorial on How To Change YouTube Channel Banner tutorial helpful for you, If you think this helped you, make sure like subscribe and share with others and help others.