How To Change Age On Youtube Channel

Want to know How To Change Age On Youtube Channel?

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So for that, you have to login into your account. As you can see over here. And on the top side of your youtube studio profile.

Just click on this manage your Google account. After that, you will see there are left on site on your screen.

They are options. You have to click on the personal info.

Now you can see there is a option over here birthday.

So now you can click on that, and you can change birthday, Whatever you want.

Let’s suppose I will save it something else, And I will just save it.

It will ask you, this is correct or not. If you confirm it will save your birthday.

So like that, you can change your age Birthday on YouTube. I hope this short verify your birthday on YouTube video helped you. Thank you.

I hope this video tutorial, I’ll help you. Thank you.


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