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Comprehensive Essential Affiliate Marketing Glossary & Terms You Should Know

If you are working in online affiliate marketing or advertising, might be you surely face tons of affiliate marketing terms and abbreviations and don’t forget to bookmark this page for future reference!

Check these Ultimate big lists of the essential affiliate marketing glossary, terms & Lingo that every affiliate marketer needs!


To make your affiliate marketing easier, I have selected and explained the most important affiliate marketing slang, Abbreviations & terms that frequently pop-up in this industry.

This Affiliate Marketing Glossary will allow you to get to know an array of different Abbreviations & definitions used in the affiliate marketing industry.

So, here we go…

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AFFILIATE MARKETING – a type of marketing that is based on performance. In affiliate marketing, affiliates are paid for successfully promoting a service or product.

AFFILIATE – An individual person or organization that promotes offers product or any services.

AFFILIATE PROGRAM – an arrangement or programmed system in which the advertiser pays commissions to affiliates. A value-added intermediary providing services, including aggregation, for affiliate merchants and affiliates.

OFFER – promotion of a service or a product. An offer is any type of advertising content produced by advertisers (offer owners) and promoted by publishers (traffic owners)

AFFILIATE NETWORK – acts as an intermediary between affiliates and advertisers.

CONVERSION – an event generated by a user that an advertiser is willing to pay for. When a website’s visitor makes a purchase. The action of getting a sale, lead or subscription is referred to as a conversion.

CLICK-THROUGH RATE (CTR) – the percentage of clicks for the number of advertising impressions displayed to user or visitors or bought from other networks.

ABOVE THE FOLD – When a blog or web page has finally loaded, the “above the fold” part is that which is visible.

AFFILIATE MARKETING TOOLS – Tools that Helpful for Affiliate Marketers, get here the best affiliate marketing.

ADVERTISER – An advertiser is the owner of a services/offer/product. They pay affiliates for every conversion. When an ad network speaks about “Advertisers”, they refer to people who buy traffic there.

ALT TEXT – Alternative text. It’s a word or sentence that can actually be used to inform blog or web site users about the content type of a linked image. It’s similar to what is known as “anchor text.”

ANCHOR TEXT – The clickable words on a hyperlink.

BACKLINK – Incoming links. This refers to all the links on other websites that actually refer to the website in question.

BANNER AD – An ad affiliates use to advertise a given product.

CLICK-THROUGH RATE – The Click-Through Rate measures the percentage of clicks compared to the impressions

COMMISSION – Known as a referral fee. The income the affiliate gets for generating a lead or sale to an advertiser’s website.

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COOKIES – A text file sent from a site to a specific file in a user’s web browser. Cookies are used to assign a specific ID to a given user who has clicked the affiliate link to get to an advertiser’s blog or website.

CPS – COST PER SALE – A sale is confirmed when a purchase is made. Transactions are normally processed by credit cards. This model is commonly associated with both dating and sweepstakes offers.

CPC – COST PER CLICK – You pay per each click on the banner/creative. Sometimes, affiliates can refer to “clicks” as re-directions.

CPM – COST PER ONE THOUSAND IMPRESSIONS – This means you’re setting the price you want to pay for a thousand impressions of your banner/pop under for the users to view.

CPV – COST PER VIEW – You pay every time your ad is displayed. If you know your revenue, you can then calculate your earnings per each visit (EPV.)

CPA – COST PER ACQUISITION – Action, sale (CPS), lead (CPL) or conversion. The CPA model is directly related to subscription services. Publishers get paid when someone acquires a product or service.

CLOAKING – The process of either hiding a webpage’s content or an affiliate tracking code on a link. This is a negative practice since it’s against the guidelines of search engines.

DOUBLE OPT-IN – This term means the subscriber has confirmed the subscription. The user confirms they agree to subscribe to the service. Then, they’ve got to confirm again. Ad -> 1st Confirmation -> 2nd Confirmation -> the user is subscribed.

EPC – EARNINGS PER CLICK – EPC shows you the revenue you get for each 100 clicks. It’s the average amount of cash you can earn per every 100 clicks on your affiliate link.

INTERNAL LINKING – These are hyperlinks that target the same domain as the domain in which the link exists on (the source). An internal link points to another page on the exact same site.

IMPRESSION – A measure of the number of times a given ad is shown on a specific page. One impression means the ad was displayed one single time.

KEYWORD – A specific word a user can type on a search engine so as to find documents associated with that word.

LINK JUICE – This is a term that belongs to the SEO arena. It’s either the equity or the power passed to a website via links from either internal or external sources

META TAGS – Info placed on an HTML page’s header. This info is not visible to external site visitors.

META TITLE – A title you give a webpage within the Meta tags. The aim is simple: when a person perceives a link to your page from the search engine, it’s accompanied by a title.

NICHE MARKETING – The process of targeting advertisements to a specific market segment.

OFF-PAGE SEO – Off-page optimization is about factors which have an effect on your site or web page listing on organic search results.

ON-PAGE SEO – On-page optimization is about those factors that clearly have an effect on your website or web page listing on organic search results.

WEB HOST – A business which basically provides storage and services needed to serve website files, images and pages.

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In Conclusion – Affiliate Marketing Glossary – Summary
I hope these above Affiliate Marketing Glossary will help you to better understand relevant terminology, from networking to promoting offers.

Thanks for checking out my blog post article page on Affiliate Marketing Glossary Of Terms!

Be sure to check back for more affiliate marketing lingo, tips, and other helpful tutorials tricks & Keep an eye on this page, we will update it regularly.

Do you think we missed any important affiliate marketing terms? or need to add something let us know in the comments below!

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